Enlarge Your Penis With Jelqing - Learn These Jelqing Tips and Enlarge Your Penis by 1-3 Inches!

Jelqing is something that a lot of men are interested in or have at least heard of. Unfortunately very few men actually try jelqing and even less do it properly and commit to it. There is a belief that penis enlargement is an easy and quick process but that is far from the truth. It is a very time consuming process and in order to make some decent gains, a person really must learn how jelqing works. There is a lot more to it that people think. If you have learned doing jelqing the wrong way then you won’t make gains.

The erection level!

The level of erection is a crucial factor when it comes to penis enlargement and jelqing. If the erection level is too low or if the erection levels subsides too quickly during exercising then the jelqing will be very inconsistent. There will be more pressure in the tip of the penis and less in the base of the penis. This can result in a baseball bat shaped penis.

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Ideally the erection level should be around 50% for beginner who want to add both length and girth. The greater the level of erection is the more it increases girth development. Initially it is important to avoid erection levels over 80% because it is just too much pressure and can cause some damage or over-training.

The grip

The OK grip is the standard grip that is mainly used and it can be applied in two ways: palms down or palms up. It has to be pointed out that the purpose of the grip is to trap the blood effectively to great pressure and the thumb and forefinger don’t necessarily have to come together. An U-shaped grip is just as good if you are unable to make the thumb and index finger to meet.

The grip itself should be applied straight, unless there is a desire to correct penis bend. The jelq works by creating pressure and by stretching. It is also important make sure not to damage the dorsal nerves that run along the middle of the penis in the top. There is a sensitive bundle of nerves right in the middle and it is important to watch out for that.

The grip should also be varied during the session to ensure that the entire penis is worked. You should change rotation of the grips at the point of application and to mix up standard and overhand grips. The key is to slowly increase the intensity. The beginning should be fairly low intensity whilst the end of the workout should be full intensity. This will avoid any spotting of the penis and over-training.

Position and angle of jelqing

Tunica is fairly hard to stretch when compared to other ligaments and in order to get a good stretch of the tunica it is important to use the upward angle, which means the penis pointing towards the ceiling. An upward angle along with a stronger erection levels minimized length gains and maximizes girth gains. A standard OK grip is generally used for that purpose. A downward angle on the other hand will put more strain and pressure on the ligaments. A overhand OK grip is used generally for achieving that.

So there are lots of little details that come into play and the bigger gains you want, the more you need to pay attention to these details. If the goal is to make big gains then it is crucial to understand all the little details. Ideally a penis enlargement program that gives step-by-step instructions is the best option and the less trial and error there is needed.

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